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  1. Review the Membership Rostering Requirements to find the rostering credential that best suits you.
  2. Review our Organizational_Polity_Manual
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Have you been wrestling with ways to make an impact for the Kingdom in your area? IMF exists to help provide a spiritual covering for you and your ministry. IMF has various levels of ministry credentials to best fit your call to ministry, spiritual gifts, biblical and theological training, and ministry experience. By joining IMF, you can obtain the legal right to perform all ministerial and priestly functions. For more information, please contact


Are you a senior pastor or member of your churches’ elder board looking for fellowship and support? The IMF Alliance Church Initiative is a group of like-minded churches partnering together to provide encouragement and support to one another. By joining the IMF Alliance Church Initiative, you are partnering with other churches to further the Kingdom Impact of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For more information, please contact


Have you given any thought to becoming a police, fire, hospital, hospice, or nursing home chaplain? There are many opportunities to impact people in your own community in their greatest time of need. Chaplains provide comfort and care when it is needed most. By joining IMF, we can provide ecclesiastical endorsement or recognition of your call to serve others in your community. For more information about chaplaincy, please contact


Are you looking for a way to serve the Lord and your country? There is a major shortage of Spirit-led chaplains to conduct Spirit directed services. Whether you choose to serve with the US Army, Air Force, or Navy, IMF provides you an avenue for ecclesiastical endorsement. You can make a difference in the lives of the men and women of our armed forces. For more information about chaplaincy, please contact


Are you called to make disciples of all nations, but you need a team behind you? IMF Missions is here to help. We act as your mission sending agency: processing donations and assisting with communications. We also offer pastoral guidance and professional accountability, without getting in your way or holding you back. Our vision is to serve you so that you may more effectively serve others. For more information on missions, please contact

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