Associate Ministries



  • 1Complete the Application and Pay $150 online
  • 2 Phone or Virtual Meeting with IMF Director of Strategic Partnerships and Church Representative
  • 3 Finalize submission of documents
  • 4Review Application by IMF Team
  • 5Virtual Meeting with IMF Team and Church Representative(s)
  • 6The approval and onboarding process begins


& Benefits

  • Spiritual covering – a loving arm of encouragement and support
  • Ordination and licensing for the staff team
  • 20% discount on member’s dues
  • Pastoral Support – calls, Regional Gatherings, e-newsletter, etc
  • Ministry consulting and leadership training upon request
  • IMF can recommend guest speakers for weekend worship, special events, retreats
  • Retirement planning – 403(b)(9) for staff team
  • Network of Church and ministry leaders for building relationships
  • Succession Planning
  • Seal of membership for your church website
  • Your church is listed on the IMF website
  • Discount on resources through our ministry partners
  • Group rates on conferences/events
  • Unscripted with IMF leadership podcast



  • Ministry Annual Income of $10,000-50,000 dues to IMF is 1%
  • Ministry Annual Income of $50,000-$250,000 dues to IMF is $2,000 /year
  • Ministry Annual Income of $250,000-$750,000 dues to IMF is $4,000 /year
  • Ministry Annual Income over $750,000 dues to IMF is $10,000 /year

Dues can be made monthly, quarterly, or annually to IMF. Please communicate how you would like to process the annual fees.

IMF Membership Benefits

  • A Spiritual and Legal Covering for You
  • Weekly Prayer for our Members
  • Webinars, Book Clubs, and Other Ministry Training Sessions
  • Monthly Newsletter Highlighting Happenings Across the IMF Family
  • Member Care Resources
  • IMF Cares Fund
  • Regional Gatherings
  • Ministry Consultation Services
  • Ecclesiastical Endorsement for Military and Civilian Chaplaincy
  • Annual Chaplain Training Event
  • Mission Sending Agency

Faith Promise

IMF is supported, almost exclusively, by its members. As such, we ask each of our members to support IMF on a monthly basis as a part of their monthly tithe. They do this by selecting a giving club as a part of their application process. The amounts below reflect a monthly gift.

Giving Clubs

Guardian Angel- $1000
Patron Saint- $500
King David's Guard of Valor- $100
Joseph's Storehouse of Grain- $50
The Gideon Club- $25
King Joash's Treasury Chest- $15
Centurion Guard (required for military and civilian chaplains)- 5% of monthly income
Aaron & Hur- 1% of monthly income
The Lord's Supply- Another amount that fits your situation best.

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