Crystal Iijima-kfir Prayer Request

Crystal Iijima-kfir OR |USA/Israel:

  1. Pray for God’s wisdom for the school’s leadership and academic team as well as favor on us with them.
  2. Pray for clear guidance from the Lord for my husband and I as we go through the final steps of DHS home study for adoption through foster care and then will be needing to make a decision on which child to try to adopt.
  3. A number of our valuable things were stolen from our luggage in our last flight returning from Israel. We have sent in a claim to United but we don’t have receipts to prove that we had the items and they have not responded yet to our claim. Pray that they will reimburse our losses.
  4. Pray for one of our former students who is a translator of the Bible for a people group in India. His organization stopped supporting him because he insisted that he needs to meet the people he is translating for and already be sharing the gospel to them even before the Bible is finished and the leadership was not agreable to that because it meant him not coming into the office where they like to have all their translators working. Pray for the organization to change their attitudes about connecting with the population that they are translating for and that they will start paying this translator who is very good at his job and simply passionate about reaching out to his assigned people group. His name is Premadas and the organization is Beula.

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