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Max Erickson MN |USA:

1. Mariana and I have been praying for one of her nephews who has been a troubled youth. He is 20 years old and he just reached out to her yesterday December 31st, to tell her he just surrendered his life to Jesus because of her witness over all these years. Seeds that were planted so many years ago and the fruit is coming now and my wife is so overwhelmed with gratitude she is in shock. She thought he was the very last person that would even come to Jesus. It’s funny, I have said that about a few different people in my life at times. Many thought that about the Apostle Paul, except God. This is a prayer request of praise and also protection over his new faith in Jesus that the seeds that are taking root will develop a deep root system so that when persecutions etc arise he will be planted firm in his faith in Jesus!

2. Prayer for a young freshman at St Mary’s named Gabe. Gabe is half Jewish and no kidding he told me face to face he had never heard of the 10 Commandments (So I taught him). Gabe is a very hungry young man to know who Jesus is. He comes faithfully every week and stays longer to ask so many questions. God is deeply working on his heart. Pray that salvation in Yehsua will come to he and his family. His parents are divorced and he hurts because of it. Pray that God will intervene in his life and that through him even his parents will be reached with the Gospel! He is a wonderful young man and a very good hockey player!

3. Prayer for continued protection for me as I travel this winter. Protection for the health of the players from Covid etc. Please pray for common sense to come back to America, our health care system, government over reach to stop and for the church to rise in America.

4. As the church rises to fight and stand for freedom, faith in Jesus and to finally not be apologetic for being a follower of Jesus Christ, America will bounce back but I believe it needs to be lead by the body of Christ.

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