Phyllis Pottorff-Albrecht Urgent Prayer Request

Phyllis Potorff-Albrecht CO|USA: Please remember in your prayers the people of Superior, Longmont, Louisville, Lafayette, Boulder, Broomfield, Westminster and Arvada, Colorado as they deal with the aftermath of a disastrous wild fire which rapidly swept through their communities in the final days of 2021. It is estimated that close to 1,000 homes were destroyed, as well as businesses, health care facilities and public buildings. Following the wild fires, the area did receive some snow, but it was a dry snow and temperatures dipped below zero. Our last report is that, so far, only three people are still missing. Please join us in our prayers that the Lord will provide miraculous leadership and guidance for all of those who must deal with the repercussions of these events. Many of those who lost their homes are senior citizens, living in retirement homes. Many of our church members have family members and friends who were living in the affected areas. Please join us in our prayers that all those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose will be able to contribute assistance, and good advice, infused with heavenly wisdom, bringing honor and glory to the Lord.

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