How can you help turn lost people into Christ-centered disciples and support the mission of IMF? (To glorify God, make Christ known and to be used as part of a support team for those called to front-line Christian service.)*

Financial Partners

Just as prayer is essential for us to continue in this work, so also we must have financial support to serve independent ministers and missionaries around the world. We have approximately 1,500 ministers and missionaries in 31 countries and they all have many needs. We have been called as an organization to serve them to the best of our ability and resources.

Every gift counts. No gift is too small or too large, and we will be happy to share with you special needs if you prefer to give to a specific project. Last year 42% of our budget went to foreign and home missions, but we need non-designated gifts to help build our staff and pay for overhead costs.

Please consider joining our ministry team as a financial partner in one of the following voluntary monthly giving clubs:


  • Guardian Angel – $1,000
  • Patron Saint – $500
  • King David’s Guard of Valor – $100
  • Joseph’s Storehouse of Grain – $50
  • The Gideon Club – $25
  • King Joash’s Treasury Chest – $15
  • Centurion Guard (Professional chaplains required) – Chaplains required to have EE to serve – 5% of income monthly
  • Aaron & Hur – 1% of monthly income
  • Other “The Lord’s Supply” monthly gift $_____

Donation checks (made payable to IMF or International Ministerial Fellowship) can be mailed to: IMF, P.O. Box 98, Minnetonka Beach, MN 55361-0098

Automated Giving to IMF

We offer monthly automatic withdrawal for our financial partners or we can receive your gifts automatically by credit card each month as well. Many people prefer these methods for convenience sake. We are here to serve and are thankful to receive your financial support in any manner convenient to you.

Online and Automated Giving for Missionaries

Visit our Missions Page to learn about our services and see a directory of our missionaries. To donate to an individual missionary, click the “donate” button below and under the “add special instructions” prompt, provide the name of the missionary you’d like to support. You may also send a check to our office (IMF Missions, PO Box 98, Minnetonka Beach, MN 55361) with a separate note indicating the name of the missionary you would like to support.

Thank you for your support of International Ministerial Fellowship. Through your investment each month, you are helping to reach men and women worldwide with the good news of Jesus Christ.

*IMF is registered with the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Donations are tax-deductible. Contributions are requested with the understanding that IMF has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds.


Planned Giving


Donate to IMF

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