You’re called to make disciples of all nations, but you need a team behind you.

IMF Missions is here to help. We act as your mission agency: processing donations and assisting with communications. We also offer pastoral guidance and professional accountability, without getting in your way or holding you back. Our vision is to serve you so that you can more effectively serve others.

We work with support-based ministers serving in a variety of settings:

  • Independent missionaries
  • International pastors
  • Evangelists
  • Staff serving with missions’ organizations such as YWAM or Bridges for Peace
  • “Home” missionaries serving specific communities in their country of origin
  • Staff pastors

Whether you’re just getting started or are a seasoned veteran, we can make your life easier.

What administrative services does IMF Missions provide?

  • Ability to process donations from checks, credit cards, or bank transfers(ACH).
  • Depositing of donations.
  • Weekly transferring of funds into your personal account(s).
  • A personalized, tax-deductible receipt sent to donors.
  • Access to a Donor Database that will give you daily updates on donations from your donors.
  • Maintenance of financial support records and donor mailing list.
  • Publishing, printing, and mailing of bi-monthly or quarterly newsletters.

What other benefits are there to being an IMF Missionary?

  • When you join IMF, you’ll receive a ministerial credential and become part of a worldwide network of Christian leaders.
  • The IMF Missions Director offers personal pastoral support. We are dedicated to your personal well-being as well as the growth of your ministry.

The churches and individuals who support you will have the confidence that your ministry is undergirded by an established association of professional ministers, with over 1400 members in 50 states and 30 nations.

Our Missionaries       

What does it take to be an IMF Missionary?

The first step is to fill out the missionary application. If you are not currently a member, your applications for general membership and for IMF Missions can be submitted together. Start your journey to membership here.

Our fund-processing services are designed for those who have an established ministry and a committed team of donors. If you are just getting started, we will work with you to:

  • Clarify your ministry plan and vision
  • Sharpen your fundraising skills
  • Ensure that you are spiritually and emotionally prepared for the rigors of mission work

IMF Missionaries must maintain good standing with the fellowship. Responsibilities include:

  • Submission of quarterly ministry reports.
  • Payment of administrative fees. These are typically deducted from your incoming support, and they include a $50 per month blanket fee plus 10% of contributions processed through IMF.


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