Frequently Asked Questions

• What does my level mean?

Every member is identified with a level. The levels are General, Civilain Chaplain, Military Chaplain, and Missionary. These levels indicate if your membership with IMF goes beyond your rostering credential (Ordained Minister, Licensed Minister, Special Ministry License, Commissioned Minister, Christian Worker, or Associate Member). As we continue to roll out resources, you will find level-specific items (i.e. resources specific to our missionaries on a missionary page) tailored to your area of ministry.

• What does status mean?

Status indicates your current relationship with IMF. If your status is active, you are current with your annual membership fee. If your status is Pending- Renewal, your renewal is due within the next 60 days, or within 90 days of past due (a $45 late fee may apply). If your status is Lapsed, your membership is more than 90 days past due and you are not authorized to perform sacerdotal, or priestly services and receive a housing allowance ($100 reinstatement fee applies). Once lapsed, your membership will have limited access to

• What is the Social Network Login at the bottom of my profile? allows for Single Sign On (SSO) through your Facebook or Google accounts. This means that you would use your Facebook or Google to sign into your account. This feature is completely optional.

• How often are Resources updated? Can they be shared with others?

There are updates made to available resources, events, and other content on a weekly basis. Some of the content will be from external sources that we have curated. Items that link to content outside IMF’s website may be able to be shared. Items posted on’s members’ only section are not for public distribution without expressed authorization.

• Where are the quarterly report forms located?

These items are at the top of the Member Resources page.

  • How do I renew my membership?
Check out this pdf for instructions on how to renew your membership: How to Renew with IMF

• Can I submit my content to share with other IMF members?

Yes, you are free to submit to us your podcasts, blogs, books, articles, etc. to us at Items are submitted on a voluntary basis and no compensation is to be expected for providing these resources. Submission to IMF does not guarantee that these items will be posted/shared as items are posted at the discretion of IMF.

• Is the website the only way to interact with IMF moving forward?

No. The default communication and interaction will primarily be in digital format moving forward. We recognize that there are some members of the fellowship that will prefer mailed communication (annual renewal notices, giving receipts, newsletters, etc.) and interaction over digital. In order to receive communication by mail, we’d ask that you expressly indicate to us that this is your preferred method of interaction with IMF.

  • How do I find my User ID?
Check out this pdf for instructions on how to find your User ID: How to find User ID
  • How do I access my Membership Card?
Check out this pdf for instructions on how to find your Membership ID Card: How to Access Your Membership ID Card
  • Do you have additional questions? 

Please contact us via one of these methods:


Phone: 952-346-2466 (Membership Services)

Mail: PO Box 98 Minnetonka Beach, MN 55361

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