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In the Old Testament story, God is best known to the people of Israel through the events of their history and of their own everyday life, yet he remains unknown to most.

International Ministerial Fellowship has been a pillar of this community for well over 60 years. In these isolated modern days, people understand the value of community more than ever.

We are proud to say we have over 1,500 over 300 chaplain over 50 missionary members


IMF members come from varied denominational backgrounds, but all endorse the IMF Statement of FaithApostles’ Creed and our Core Values. They are committed to proclaiming the name of Jesus and seeing the Holy Spirit move in the lives of people today! 

The Called

Members of IMF have a wide variety of Biblical and theological training. Many are seminary graduates (e.g., Asbury, Covenant, Fuller, Luther, Oral Roberts Graduate School, Princeton, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Westminster, etc.); others are Bible college graduates, and some have received their training through theological education by extension. All have demonstrated a level of theological proficiency and have been approved for membership by our Membership and Rostering Review Board.

Our Team

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