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Contributions are solicited with the understanding that IMF has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds. IMF Missions and Missionaries receive disbursements and reimbursements from IMF according to IRS guidelines.

Hostile Area Missionaries

IMF has many missionaries that are bringing the hope of the Gospel into the hostile places of the world. These individuals find themselves in areas of the world where their work for Christ puts them at odds with local authorities. For that reason, we do not list names of these individuals or the countries in which they serve. If you would like to give to a specific missionary in this group, you will need to reference their mission account number when giving. If you do not know that number, or would like further information, please call us at 952-346-2464.

International Missionary

Account #1003

IMF has many missionaries that are bringing the hope of the Gospel into the hostile places of the world. These individuals find themselves in areas of the world where their work for Christ puts them at odds with local authorities. For that reason, we do not list names of these individuals or the countries in which they serve. If you would like to give to a specific missionary in this group, you will need to reference their mission account number when giving. If you do not know that number, or would like further information, please call us at 952-346-2464.

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International Missionary

Account #1049

IMF has many missionaries that are bringing the hope of the Gospel into the hostile places of the world. These individuals find themselves in areas of the world where their work for Christ puts them at odds with local authorities. For that reason, we do not list names of these individuals or the countries in which they serve. If you would like to give to a specific missionary in this group, you will need to reference their mission account number when giving. If you do not know that number, or would like further information, please call us at 952-346-2464.

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International Missionary

Account #1071

IMF has many missionaries that are bringing the hope of the Gospel into the hostile places of the world. These individuals find themselves in areas of the world where their work for Christ puts them at odds with local authorities. For that reason, we do not list names of these individuals or the countries in which they serve. If you would like to give to a specific missionary in this group, you will need to reference their mission account number when giving. If you do not know that number, or would like further information, please call us at 952-346-2464.

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International Missionary

Account #1081

IMF has many missionaries that are bringing the hope of the Gospel into the hostile places of the world. These individuals find themselves in areas of the world where their work for Christ puts them at odds with local authorities. For that reason, we do not list names of these individuals or the countries in which they serve. If you would like to give to a specific missionary in this group, you will need to reference their mission account number when giving. If you do not know that number, or would like further information, please call us at 952-346-2464.

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International Missionary

Account #1092

IMF has many missionaries that are bringing the hope of the Gospel into the hostile places of the world. These individuals find themselves in areas of the world where their work for Christ puts them at odds with local authorities. For that reason, we do not list names of these individuals or the countries in which they serve. If you would like to give to a specific missionary in this group, you will need to reference their mission account number when giving. If you do not know that number, or would like further information, please call us at 952-346-2464.

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International Missionary

Account #1113

IMF has many missionaries that are bringing the hope of the Gospel into the hostile places of the world. These individuals find themselves in areas of the world where their work for Christ puts them at odds with local authorities. For that reason, we do not list names of these individuals or the countries in which they serve. If you would like to give to a specific missionary in this group, you will need to reference their mission account number when giving. If you do not know that number, or would like further information, please call us at 952-346-2464.

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Colin & Mary Akehurst

Colin Akehurst, his wife Mary, and their sons David and Andrew, have a passionate vision for unity in the Body of Christ, with an emphasis on evangelism and discipleship. They come alongside various established front-line evangelistic ministries, for the purpose of collaboration and Kingdom connection. Their ministry starts at home with local outreach, and works outward to various highlighted US cities and states, and then to the ends of the earth, with missions expanding to Israel, South Africa, Colombia, Mexico and more. All Things to All: USA, Colombia, Israel, Mexico

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Becky Albright

Mission Statement: To share the Good News of Jesus Christ with persons who are isolated, offering life and encouragement through Gods word. My heart's desire is to become a full-time Chaplain for Nursing Home Ministry. The opportunities are limitless as more and more older persons are going into nursing homes with very few laborers to harvest the souls of unbelievers and also, to encourage believers in the promises of God.

Since March of 2002, I have ministered one-on-one to ladies in area nursing homes. My distinct privilege has been to sit with ladies who are the most isolated. These ladies have responded with joy in their eyes as I tell them God has not forgotten them. We see each time we visit God strengthening and bringing these friends from the fetal position of despair to looking forward to His Word for their lives.

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Bruce & Dorothy Allen

Bruce and Dorothy Allen were called by the Lord to Japan after two decades of ministries to people of many cultures in the metro-Boston area. Bruce, an ordained minister, has an MA degree in Intercultural Ministries and Dorothy, an MM in Flute Performance. Their burden for the unreached peoples fostered their love for the Japanese (0.2% Christian). On their second mission trip to Japan in 2015 God led them to create an unplanned mission paradigm of home Tea Parties which dovetailed to personal Bible studies and neighbors freely bringing their own musical instruments. Bruce and Dorothy were determined to attack Satan's stronghold of the arts in Japan by a classical Flute and Poetry Recital. Unsaved people heard of Jesus through poetry, Scripture, classical music and Christian songs. Two Japanese professional musicians they had met on the street attended, an orchestra conductor and a flute soloist who both perform internationally. They have shown interest in Dorothy repeating her program in multiple venues. Bruce and Dorothy plan to continue this paradigm with IMF missionary friends. Dorothy's heart for the “hidden within the hidden”, professional musicians in Japan, enhances Bruce's burden to reach Japanese with his preaching and personal testimony: Scientist – Sorcerer – Saint – Sent One

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Sara Bertschinger

Sara Bertschinger is a community nurse and Christian worker. She grew up in Northern Cameroon as a missionary's child and upon returning to the States as a teenager became increasingly concerned over the spiritual state of America. God has called her to work and minister to the seeking here in the US. Sara has served in various Church ministries over the years. Recently the Lord laid a burden on Sara's heart to reach out to civic ministry as well as social ministry. "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." - John Adams

Sara has joined the Staff of Restore MN a non-profit focused on restoring Righteousness to Minnesota through Holy Spirit Lead Grassroots Engagement. She is the SE MN regional coordinator, and her goal is to encourage, inform, equip, and empower citizens to live out their faith in action.

“I meet so many discouraged people who are greatly concerned over the moral decay of our society. I want to help direct people to the hope and light that is found in Jesus the Christ. No one politician or party will save us; it is the Lord working through individuals to proclaim and promote Biblical truth, light, and freedom. It is God working through Christians to positively affect society and government that will restore and heal this land. America is at a crossroads what God's people do or not do will affect generations to come. Now is the time to stand strong for the Biblical Principals this Nation was founded on. When God's people are engaged, active and seeking the Lord's favor anything is possible!”

Sara is working in full time ministry; donations will help cover some of her income and ministry expenses. Any amount is greatly appreciated and tax deductible.

Thank you!
-Sara B.-

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Thomas I Berscheid


House Of Seven Pillars is a ministry designed to set people free in the power of Jesus Christ. It offers personal rewards of Godly repentance — elimination of shame and guilt; getting to the root cause of destructive behaviors; renewing of faith; and living out one's true identity in Jesus Christ. This ministry is available to everyday people wanting to be all they can be in whatever environment God has placed them. Whether an at-home mom, working dad, carpenter or president of a major corporation, everybody needs a safe and confidential place to spiritually heal — to confess, repent and be set free of personal sin and struggles. God is the author of this work through the Holy Spirit. Only in submission to the power of Jesus Christ can this transformative work be accomplished.
A second ministry currently being developed will provide Godly help and encouragement to couples who struggle with communication, connection, and intimacy. Its proposed name is "Being Known Ministries". Within this model I hope to present weekend workshops designed to teach, encourage, strengthen, and enable couples to communicate in such a way that produces deep understanding of one another, intimate connection, and being known for who they truly are and whom God has created them to be.

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Stephen Black

Stephen Black has been providing pastoral care, coaching of leadership, equipping, empowerment and education to the church in God's divine intent for human sexuality for over 35 years, primarily in the United States, but also in Mexico, Canada and Latin America. Ordained in the local church over 32 years ago, and with International Ministerial Fellowship since 1994. Stephen has served on several ministerial non-profit boards to provide leadership and coaching on vision and ministry in promoting the Gospel of Jesus Christ worldwide. Stephen is a pastor, author and speaker equipping the church on sexual and relational sin and brokenness, helping understand the root causes of LGBTQ+ issues, and promoting the Biblical resolution for transformation in the amazing grace of God. Stephen has provided leadership in several ministries and churches over the last 35 years and is now leading up Coram Deo Ministries as his individual ministering as a missionary in serving the body of Christ into his senior years. For more details on Stephen, go to www.stephenblack.org and see under the About tab.

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Shirley Bland








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Uganda - 360 Vision for Africa

Gretchen Carlson

My trip to Swaziland, Africa in 2007 changed my life. Around the same time here in Minnesota, I met Annet Kayongo, founder of New Hope for Africa Orphanage & School in Uganda. After many years of seeking creative ways to support her work (Community Ed projects and selling necklaces), we launched a child sponsorship program called 360 Vision for Africa. We now have over 50 children sponsored! I’m so grateful to God and excited that you would consider partnering with us to help children in great need. You can choose a recurring amount of $30/month for 1 child, $60/month for 2 and so on. You may choose a child from our website below or email us at 360VisionforAfrica@gmail.com. Thank you, friend!

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Kevin & Kim Coe

After serving 30 years in the United States as both a youth pastor and a senior pastor, Kevin and Kim have been called to serve in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. They have established roots and relationships in the community on which to maintain regular worship opportunities for Expats as well as outreach for the needy in the local community through a network of local pastors and ministries.
Kevin and Kim both have served extensively in short-term mission trips for several decades and welcome the support and involvement from those who might visit the area looking for either short- or long-term ministry opportunities.
Contact Kevin at: kcoe5@icloud.com

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Lonnie & Cindy Dufty

Lonnie and Cindy have served together in Iowa, Japan and the Twin Cities.  Living in Minnetonka since 2012, they serve in Cindy’s home church, Brookdale Covenant, spent a year with a Haitian immigrant church and have served as ESL tutors to refugees from Myanmar, Somalia, Iran and Afghanistan. Most summers they serve as home stay “parents” for Japanese college students attending a Bethel University summer studies program. Separately from Cindy, Lonnie has served as staff or mentor in Christian agencies assisting men with special needs: recovery from addiction, completing prison sentences or living as shut-ins in local nursing homes. Lonnie also enjoys serving one day a week working alongside the volunteers of the local Bibles for Missions Thrift Store (recently renamed Legacy Thrift), located in Crystal. The store provides funding, clothing, and other support to ministries in Bulgaria, Ukraine, and nearby eastern European countries.

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Josh & Megan Edwards


Josh and Megan Edwards have been ministering together since they were married in 2006. They have served in both local church and para-church capacities. The Lord led them to launch Connect Ministries in the spring of 2022. This ministry exists to connect people to Jesus through worship, teaching, and equipping the Body across denominations, ethnicities, and generations. Their heart is to see the Church come alive and walk in the fullness of who they are called to be. Josh, Megan, and their three children, Ezra, Aiden, and Josie live in Wells, MN.

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Max & Mariana Erickson

The “State of Hockey” (as Minnesota is commonly known) is a mission field. Hockey players are a “lost people group” with deep spiritual needs. They may be great athletes, but many come from broken homes, abuse alcohol, are consumed with themselves, and spiritually confused.

Max is a Hockey Sports Missionary and a Hockey chaplain in the MIAC Division III league. He conducts chapel programs in locker rooms and on campus, he does one-on-one mentorship, and leads short-term mission trips.

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UAS - Foster One Ministries

Mike & Missy Evans

Mike and Missy founded Foster One with their goal being to help others find their place in foster care, support those who are already foster parents and resource foster homes, biological families and social workers.

Foster One is breaking the stereotypes and fears of “foster care.” They would like to make this ministry a part of every churches culture.

Foster One helps you discover that everyone can do something in foster care and asks the question:
What Can You Do For One?

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Ben & Sarah Fischer

Ben is a Minneapolis-based apologist, speaker, preacher and teacher. He partners with various groups including Teen Challenge (where he serves as an adjunct instructor in the Leadership Institute), and CRU (where he speaks on secular college campuses). He also preaches itinerantly.

Ben wants to ask questions that open up conversation. He comments that, "Sometimes we apologists are tempted to position ourselves as answer givers, but that might just be a strategy to close other people's arguments." Instead, Ben wants to come alongside skeptics, get inside their world and understand their point of view. If you'd like to learn more about Ben, and see his articles and lectures, visit his website below.

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Jose & Kristy Flores

Jose & Kristy Flores have been serving together in ministry since their marriage in 2014. Initially they served 3 years with YWAM Minneapolis running their kitchen ministries. During that time God opened many doors for the Flores’ in their local community in areas of emergency food services. Together Jose & Kristy have formed “Forgotten Harvest”, a ministry serving their local community through food rescue (finding and making food resources available to people in need before it goes bad) and relational ministry (mentoring, counseling, and listening to those the community has “forgotten” or marginalized).

Currently “Forgotten Harvest” collects produce (which would be otherwise discarded) and food staples from local growers, grocery stores, food shelves, and other food distributors. Food donations are then sorted and either given fresh, frozen, or prepared to individuals and organizations who need it. Along with serving in various youth mentoring programs, Jose is also teaching cooking classes to help people know they are not alone, and to give them healthy food preparation skills.

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USA, Mexico

Lois Fowler

Lois Fowler is a Homeland Missionary in Minnesota and is co-founder of Spirit Ministries created for the purpose of helping people build a deeper faith in Jesus Christ. A variety of specialized ministries are utilized in accomplishing this purpose. These ministries include worship services and pastoral care to assisted living homes, outreach Bible studies and teaching at the MN Correctional Facility for women and planning and leading short-term missions trips. Lois is also involved in the pastoral ministry at Fairview Covenant Church where she assists the pastor in leading the Sunday Service and occasionally teaches the adult as well as youth Sunday School. Lois is also a member of the Fairview Covenant Church administrative board.

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Thailand - The Mighty Oak Tree Foundation

Dan & Gan Griffith

In poverty-stricken areas across northern Thailand, parents are trying to decide whether their children will be able to stay in school or put to work in order to help provide for the family.

The vision of the Mighty Oak Tree (MOT) foundation is to assist these families by giving their children educational scholarships, and equipping families to carry out sustainable, income-generating projects in their homes. Currently they are supporting over 150 students with educational scholarships and look at adding to that number in the years to come.

After a short mission trip to Thailand in 2005, David had a clear calling from God to go back to Thailand to serve the Thai people. After returning to Thailand in late 2005, he took a year to study the language in Bangkok, after which he was called up to Chiang Mai to serve with the MOT foundation in late 2006. After marrying Gan in 2007, they continue to have a passion serving the people of the north. Their vision is to raise up men and woman of God to impact Thailand for Him.

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Paul & Nancy Gunderson

Paul and Nancy have been married 43 years. They have two children, Conrad and Jasmine. Paul has been in ministry since 1970 and was in the U.S. Air Force from 1971-1991. Paul has a Master of Theology degree from the MN Graduate School of Theology and is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Messianic Theology. Paul is the director of One in Yeshua Ministries.

Paul and Nancy have done short term missions trips throughout Asia and Central America. Their focus for the Philippines was to: 1) Share the Gospel with the people of the Philippines and throughout Asia, 2) Work with and minister to local Filipino church leaders, congregations and ministries, 3) Refresh the Hebraic roots of faith to the non-Jewish body of believers and 4) Develop a retreat center to minister to missionaries throughout Asia as well as house visiting short-term mission teams.  Due to a stroke Paul suffered in 2021, Paul had to return to the US in Dec 2022.

Paul continues to teach groups in the Philippines via the internet.  Both Paul and Nancy do one-on-one counseling with individuals in the Philippines as well.  They are also working now with local churches in the US.

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Dan Hall

Dan Hall is an evangelical minister with over four decades of experience in ministry. He served in the Minnesota Senate for ten years and blends his extensive experience in ministry, education, and politics to advocate for religious freedom and promote faith through prayer and a personal relationship with Christ. Senator Hall is well-known for his unwavering support for people of faith and their religious freedoms.

Dan has a background as a former teacher and principal. In addition to his work in education and ministry, he has served as a chaplain for metro police departments and was the founder of Midwest Chaplains, which initiated chaplaincy programs in police and fire departments across Minnesota.

Currently, Dan serves as a chaplain and advisor at the Minnesota Capitol. His commitment to providing spiritual guidance to legislators and staff at the Minnesota Capitol reflects his belief in the importance of faith in governance. He acknowledges the challenges and complexities of politics and serves in government for precisely these reasons.

His initiatives, such as the Truth Report (distributed to nearly 5,000 subscribers) and CPR events (Christians Talking Politics and Religion, a monthly event where speakers discuss their perspectives on politics and religion), show a dedication to fostering discussions at the intersection of politics and religion, encouraging a deeper understanding of these complex topics.

His passion lies in upholding biblical truth and its relevance to our daily lives while safeguarding our religious freedoms. He believes that a personal prayer life is fundamental to being a Christian, and he considers preserving religious freedom crucial to the future of America. Hence, the mission of his ministry is to promote religious freedom and increase faith through prayer with the motto, "To increase Him in us."

Dan and his wife Valerie have raised eight children and now have 17 grandchildren in the Twin Cities. Dan has deep roots in Minnesota where he attended Minneapolis Roosevelt High School and Augsburg College.

Financial contributions play a vital role in enabling Dan to continue his impactful work, covering salary and various expenses associated with his mission to promote religious freedom, increase faith through prayer, and provide spiritual guidance.

The generosity of donors helps sustain his efforts, allowing him to reach a wide audience through initiatives like the Truth Report, CPR events, and his chaplaincy role. These donations enable him to continue advocating for principles he deeply believes in and offering guidance to those in need.

The dedication and commitment of supporters who contribute financially are invaluable in ensuring that Dan can continue his important work in fostering discussions on faith, politics, and religious freedom while providing spiritual guidance to legislators and the broader community.

Contributions are tax-deductible and can be made online or by writing a check to IMF (with Dan Hall in the memo) and mailing it to the provided address.

Every donation is greatly appreciated!

You may also, write out a check to IMF (with Dan Hall in memo) and mail it to:

IMF Donation Dan Hall
PO Box 98
Minnetonka Beach, MN 55361

THANK YOU for supporting Dan Hall's ministry and his dedication to faith, prayer, and religious freedom.

612-790-2000 Cell

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David N Hasenberg

My name is David N. Hasenberg. I am primarily a US missionary/evangelist. Working with street teams in the US. Along with outreach we do Bible studies and discipleship. This being done as The Holy Spirit leads with all age group from youth, to the middle aged, along with our elders! There are may different types of outreach that I have enjoy doing over the years. I have been blessed to work with many different groups using different approaches with evangelism-outreach. Such as one on one outreach, open air preaching, music distribution, feeding tables, power evangelism, music outreach, house to house family outreach and the list goes on as The Holy Spirit leads and opens things up!

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Jeff & Christine Herringshaw

Jeff and Christine have served with YWAM since 1992. They provide discipleship, mentoring, and leadership coaching for those who have gone through YWAM’s missionary training programs. Jeff has traveled extensively providing pastoral care to workers on the field as well as teaching on various discipleship topics. Their vision is to equip Christ-centered missional workers for every sphere of society: making disciples who make disciples.

Jeff presently is the director of YWAM Minneapolis as the ministry transitions into a new phase of re-pioneering in the Twin Cities. 

Follow Jeff’s weekly discipleship blog: https://choosethisday.blog

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Nick & Caren Herringshaw

We are missionaries planted in the St Paul urban neighborhood of Frogtown. We have ministered here for 8 years. Frogtown has been known for its wide diversity, high crime and brokenness. We believe God is changing Frogtown to a place known for where God starts movements! Our hearts burn to see everyday people empowered, equipped and released to live & love like Jesus as everyday missionaries -making disciples that make disciples in their own culture and context in power, word and deed! We believe God wants to saturate our city with the Good News of Jesus that transforms in every area of society and every neighborhood. We are apart of creating a decentralized network of simple expressions of the Church gathered all over our neighborhood and the Twin Cities area, called “simple churches” (or micro churches). These simple expressions are extended spiritual families that seek to empower and equip everyone to bring what they have and be the Church where ever they are! We believe the church boiled down simply must be expressed through 3 tenants- worship, community & mission. In our neighborhood we serve by meeting practical needs and building relationships with hospitality by sharing meals in our home. Our goal is to give everyone we meet an opportunity to encounter Jesus and join His family and mission! As people respond to Jesus we equip them to become disciples and disciple makers of their own social networks. God is moving come join us!

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New Jersey

Joe Immordino

Joe Immordino has spent the past 20 plus years ministering to those that have experienced loss. He offers support to individuals, groups, and online wherever they may be. Over the years, he has run various grief support groups in many different locations and sat with numerous individuals discussing their heartaches.

His ministry also includes reaching the lost. Along with ministering to people on the street, this is also done through varies forms of social media and email offering daily devotions, Biblical counseling, and a prayer ministry.

His experience includes serving families as a licensed funeral director, facilitating grief support groups and individual support as a Biblical counselor/Minister, and serving as a hospice chaplain and bereavement coordinator.

Joe’s education includes degrees in mortuary science, practical ministry, theological studies, and Biblical studies in counseling and is certified in Thanatology (the study of death and dying).

Whether you are searching for meaning after a loss or in life he wants to walk alongside you as you maneuver this difficult time.

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Michiyo Ishida

Michiyo Ishida is reaching out to university students in Tokyo, Japan. She wants to create international communities where Japanese students and foreign students can gather together, get a taste of Kingdom culture, and find identity in Christ.

Michiyo grew up in Bangkok and Jakarta, and was saved as an international student at college. She spent 15 years of her life outside of Japan and attended U.S. schools for 8 years (B.A., Journalism - Broadcasting at California State University, M.A. Pastoral Studies - Women’s ministry at Multnomah Biblical Seminary). She also worked as an interpreter/translator.

In 2015, she joined EFCA | ReachGlobal’s Tokyo City Team, which is planting small churches in Tokyo. Its church planting model is nontraditional and aims to create reproducible small churches with the hope that average lay believers will be able to run them themselves. It employs a Discovery Bible Study in which group members examine scripture together and discover spiritual truths by continuously returning to the Biblical text. The team has planted churches in the Waseda area and Hibarigaoka.

With the Tokyo city team members, she focuses on Waseda students, and serves as a volunteer staff of “Waseda Hoshien dream cafe” every other Friday. Waseda Hoshien is a Christian based facility, and 150 international students and 15 Japanese students live in the dorm. “Dream cafe” provides free coffee, tea and snacks, and creates a platform for the students to build community. She meets students there, has one-on-one Bible studies, and invites some to her small church.

Waseda University currently has the most international students of any university in Japan. Since 2014, the Japanese government (MEXT) has been carrying out the “Top Global University Project" to provide prioritized support to universities that are leading the internationalization of Japan’s education. Under the Project, they selected 37 “Top Global Universities,” and Waseda university is one of them.

Michiyo’s hope is to create a kingdom community within this unique international environment, which can lead to more small churches in the area. Students can hear the gospel, be saved and discipled, and can impact their workplace. In addition, when foreign students go home, they can bring back the gospel with them and be ambassadors for Christ. This is world missions from Japan!

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Timothy Bruce Kakooza

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Jodi Larson

Jodi Larson is a missionary with a heart to serve people through compassion offerings in developing nations. As a former project manager, her intent is to facilitate creative and sustainable initiatives that transform life circumstances – restoring hope and revealing the goodness of God! She has a passion to encourage believers in their faith and ‘walk alongside’ them relationally – mentoring, praying, pouring out, and sharing the lovingkindness of Jesus. Ultimately, building and strengthening the body of Christ and raising disciples. Jodi offers Kingdom prayer ministry and prophetic intercession, and enjoys sharing God’s Word through relevant teachings and discussion groups. 

In 2024 Jodi is serving for her second year at the Food for His Children ministry, based in Karatu, Tanzania, as part of their Operations team. “I have so much respect for the leadership and team at FFHC – the Lord is moving powerfully in and through them! FFHC is an established, successful, growing, and vibrant ministry. What a privilege to ‘step into the waters’ with them!” While she’s excited to offer the fruit of her career experiences and her passion for the Lord, her prayer and sincere hope is that the impacts of her time there will someday be described as, “only God…”

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Randy & Jeannie Larson

Randy prays, by the power of the Holy Spirit, to see God breathe new life into the Body of Christ through "Breath of Life" ministries. He helps pastors and churches identify new mission fields and equip them with new tools for evangelism and discipleship. He serves as Director of follow-up for CityPrayz, an evangelistic outreach to non-believers, helping new believers get connected with a local church. Randy works to unite area pastors to pray for revival. Randy and his wife Jeannine (parents of eight children and grandparents) are offering a parenting seminar and hope to expand that in the future to include marriage seminars. As a ventriloquist, Randy is able to bring humor to churches, special events and other groups with Helmer, his sidekick and "dummy". With over 29 years of pastoral experience, he enjoys pulpit supply, evangelistic meetings and conference speaking.

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Paul Lindburg

Paul Lindberg is called to serve the African church and Christian organizations through his role as Africa Director of Talking Bibles International. Talking Bibles are digital audio Bibles that are programmed into mother tongue languages of people who have no access to printed Bibles, because they are non-readers, blind, and otherwise learn better through listening. Paul assists local churches and Christian organizations through creating partnerships, developing Scripture engagement programs, and providing Talking Bibles. More information about Talking Bibles below.

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Michael Lindner

Michael Lindner has served as a missionary in Japan for over ten years.
He has also been to other southeast Asian countries. He serves as an evangelist in Japan, with a heart for the salvation of people.
Contact Michael Lindner (#1116) via email:

Michael has been teaching English and Bible in Japan classrooms since 1996. He has good relationships with students. Since 2001 he has also conducted weddings in Japan in the Kansai area. Cities in this region include Osaka, Kyoto, Otsu and Japan's large Lake Biwa. He keeps a good perspective on several Japanese churches. Some are new church plants and occasionally a Protestant church that has endured for many years. He believes God is sovereign. Jesus Christ is the Savior of many people in Japan.

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Mark Marxhausen

Pastor Mark Marxhausen has been blessed with serving congregations and serving pastors in many foreign countries. He has been blessed to travel in some of the remotest villages of Papua New Guinea... travel by river boat to distant camps on the Amazon River... and served in the countries of Peru, Argentina, Mexico, Russia, Kazakhstan and Canada. He has had the privilege of preaching in front of thousands the soul-winner Gospel of Jesus Christ, but finds his greatest joy in ministering to national pastors, equipping and encouraging them.

Mark and his wife Julie have been married for 38 years. They are blessed with four children and fourteen grandchildren.

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Minnesota - Restore Minnesota

Dan & Barb Montague

Dan spent 48 years in secular employment, while serving the Lord in many church leadership and teaching roles. He always knew in his heart there was more, and took the step of being ordained as a Pastor by his church a couple years ago. Now, he has also become a Licensed Minister with International Ministerial Fellowship. His mother knew that from a young boy he would someday be a Pastor. She was right!

Dan and Barb are stepping into the leadership team with Restore Minnesota to help restore righteousness to this great state through spiritual and civic transformation. They pioneered the Sherburne County Community Action Team in Elk River, MN in April 2021 and look forward to assisting in the startup and growth of more CATs.

A few years back, the Lord gave Dan and Barb the desire and assignment to pray for righteousness and truth for our country, especially in government. That turned into an on-going weekly Prayer For Our Country gathering that started December 2015. Many elected officials have accepted invitations to come to this Sunday night prayer group to share their hearts and receive encouragement and prayer.

They have lived in the Elk River area (Otsego) for 11 years. They have 20 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.

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Lily Namwanga


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Ian & Sarah Newville

Ian and Sara Newville have been ministering in the inner healing and prayer movement world over the last 10 years. Sara spent 4 years on staff at the International House of Prayer and 4 years volunteering at a prayer room and inner healing ministry in the Twin Cities, MN. Ian has grown his ministry career at that same ministry from a donor relations manager to an itinerant speaker at local churches, youth groups and Christian colleges.

They are passionate about coming alongside churches, families, and individuals to rediscover true relationships with God and to help them learn about how we reflect God’s image in both heart and body. Sara and Ian feel compelled to share the good news of the Cross and how the Holy Spirit transforms lives through their own journey of healing. They specialize in ministering to those dealing with sexual and relational brokenness and desire to impart strength and hope to those struggling by helping them reconnect them to their identity in Christ. Ian and Sara also have a vision and passion to equip pastors, churches and Christian colleges to minister to people struggling in this area as well as how to have a voice on these issues based in biblical truth in the face of our cultural climate.

You can sign up for the Newville’s monthly newsletter or contact them at kerithcreekministry@gmail.com

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The Philippines

J. Allen Noll

J. Allen Noll Ministries is an online ministry based in Delaware with outreaches in Pennsylvania, the Philippines and in Ghana. Preparations are underway to begin Evangelizing in the United States, and teaching in the other mentioned countries.

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Consuelo, Dominican Republic

Alixon Novas

My name is Alixon Novas, I am married to Nelis Perez, together we have three Children, Joe 12, Ian 9 and Angie 7. I went to Iowa Western Community College in IOWA and obtained a sociate degree in Agribusiness in 2003. In 2009 I studied Ecology for three years in Santo Domingo, Dom. Rep. I am the pastor of The new English Church in Consuelo. As missionaries here in Consuelo, me and my family work with Children, teach the Bible in English, help elder people, bring eye clinic for reading glasses once a month, we can also serve in different prisons and help low income families to grow crops in their backyards or build tilapia ponds to help them generate to sustain their families. As missionaries we also receive small mission teams to work in any area they want to serve: Children Ministry, evangelism, preaching, VBS, community and family garden, sugarcane workers ministry, prison ministry, sport ministry and so on.

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Joel & Renée Pike

Joel and Renée have been missionaries with YWAM Minneapolis since 2014. Their vision is to “Mentor the Missionaries of Tomorrow,” starting with their 4 children who served alongside them as far away as Nepal and the Philippines. Joel has many roles with YWAM from managing the kitchen to the Leadership Team to leading worship, prayer and community times. He mentors young people as worship leaders, calling them to engage with God’s desire for all nations to worship him. Joel teaches Inductive Bible Study, Repentance and Forgiveness, the Inner Life of a Leader, and facilitates the Kairos Course. He regularly leads Bible studies, worship and preaches at a local Presbyterian church. Renée serves in YWAM’s Accounting Department.

Close to Joel and Renée’s hearts are the Lakota of South Dakota, to whom they lead short term mission trips with the goal of the teams learning from and supporting the local believers. Joel has a vision for producing native heart-language scripture songs and is taking college courses in audio production. Renée is working toward a B.S. in Psychology/Counselling with a Minor in Drug and Alcohol Counselling.

Their aim is to be the kind of worshipers, disciples and missionaries that lead others into the same love for and whole-hearted pursuit of Jesus.

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Curt & Judi Quiner

Ministry to Motorcyclists

It may be at a southern Minnesota campground, a western Wisconsin fairground, a casino, a motorcycle dealership, a hotel, a parking lot, the Minneapolis Convention Center, a biker bar wedding, a funeral, or a wedding. Wherever bikers may roam, that’s where the Quiner family will be found

As Chaplain to many different motorcyclist groups, Curt is able to be there for people when they need someone to talk with, and is quick to offer to pray for them--and do it right then.

Curt and Judi say it's amazing to be on the front lines, to see fellow motorcyclists touched by God right where they are--at a motorcycle event! God has granted their family favor with motorcyclists and uses their passion for motorcycles and Jesus to open doors to minister to people who might never enter a church. Their vision is to see people come to the place that they give the handlebars of their life to Jesus, and that they would grow in their relationship with Him.

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Tanzania - DAR Christian Fellowship

Daryl & Cheryl Rustad

Without educational opportunities, the orphans and poor children of Tanzania have little hope of escaping the cycle of poverty. To respond to this need, Daryl and Cheryl Rustand founded Tansao, a non-profit organization that assists Tanzanian students to prepare and go on to a University Education outside of Tanzania.

The Rustads initially came to Tanzania in 1998 to carry out Veterinary Missions. They soon learned that the biggest need was for education. Daryl worked with International Schools for many years as the Career Counselor, until they started Tansao.

Living in the capital city, over the years the Rustads have developed relationships with various members of the expat community. They noted that most were baby Christians, living in the often stressful environment of a developing nation. In order to meet this need, Daryl and Cheryl opened the DAR Christian Fellowship, which has been meeting since 2005. Expats coming to the church are hurting and need a family to pray and worship with and where they can uplift one another.

Daryl and Cheryl have a vision for the continued growth of the church, with even more participation from the laity. Through Tansao, they hope to support an increase in the number of students having access to quality higher education, and the creation of job opportunities in Tanzania.

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California - Caring Hearts Ministry

Frank Swastek

Frank is called to people who are lonely, rejected, abandoned, isolated or misunderstood. It may be the elderly in a nursing home, a needy family at a food pantry, a homeless man on the streets, or men struggling with addictions or personal crises.

Frank meets their needs by simply being available to them with his time and with the word of God, just as Jesus would walk among the people and make himself available to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Originally from the inner city of Detroit, Frank has been healed and delivered from alcohol and drugs. He says, "I'm 'moved with compassion' when I am among them. I can honestly say I love them."

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Vermont - Seek the Son Ministries

Theresa & Ken Taylor

There are 600 million individuals with disabilities around the world. 49 million reside in the United States. The United States census neglects to include institutionalized, children under the age of five, and senior citizens. Only a small percent attend a church. The disabled community represents one of the largest unreached people groups of the United States

A Joni and Friends survey states that 85% of the churches polled indicated that they lack the knowledge, training, or leadership necessary to launch a disability ministry. The mandate of welcoming all to the great banquet, Luke 14.12 - 24, impassions us to equip churches and para-ministries to fulfill this need. We also desire to make Jesus real to the disability community, through a servant's heart found in John 13:1 - 17.

Please visit our website below for more information.

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Juan Carlos Ventura Saavedra

Raised in California and now living full-time in MEXICO! From our short time in Playa del Carmen our eyes have opened to the reality of this paradise. Tourism has spiked the cost of living here. Average daily income for a working-class local is about $8-$15 PER DAY. We’ve seen the struggle and frustration of the people to make ends meet.

We are raising money to continue doing what God called us to do: love on people, share the gospel, and to GIVE! Give not only financial resources, but mostly importantly our time and love. We love this community we are in, and we will impact thousands of lives with your help!

By giving, we will be able to bless destitute families with brighter future. We can literally be the hands and feet of Jesus showing them His love and mercy...showing them that they are not forgotten.

We have a responsibility to help. We believe we were meant to give ourselves away generously. We dream of giving big to those who need it most. But we can't do it without you.

Please consider joining us in this journey. Follow us on facebook: Million Little Miracles Acts 10:4 “Your prayers and gifts to the poor have come up as a memorial offering before God”

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Minnesota - Liberate Ministries

Jeff & Julie Weber

Mission-"Helping people, marriages and families find restoration in everyday life and in the area of abortion."  Julie and Jeff Weber

We are Julie and Jeff Weber.  We got involved in a marriage ministry because of need;  Julie wanted a divorce.  That started our adventurous journey of learning how to apply God's biblical principles into our marriage.  After daily application of the biblical principles it changed our individual behavior first.  Then it changed our marriage relationship.  We both became  Premarital, Marriage & Family Marriage Ministers through, 2=1.  Then promoted to the Twin Cities Area Leaders.  We began to help others by sharing what had transformed our relationship.  Doing everything from training leaders, teaching classes, partnering with couples in New Zealand, and planting the ministry in Israel.  2=1 stood for covenant marriage.  

1st testimony-Julie's personal salvation happened when I was single and 20 years old I had an abortion.  When I got married I carried my unresolved abortion baggage experience into my marriage.  The unresolved abortion baggage flared up in my marriage relationship causing me to want a divorce, along with my husband Jeff's issues.   In 2=1, I learned that marriage is a covenant and not a contract.  God is not for divorce. I chose to stay in my marriage and continue working on it without getting the divorce.  Traveling each year to Denver, CO for global conventions learning new marriage teachings to impart to the Twin Cities.     

2nd testimony-When Julie was 40 she connected with a ministry leader who invited her to attend her program.  Julie went through her program to get healed from her abortion experience.  As she was going through the program, she drew her healing on paper. These drawings are incorporated in the first book published in 2004, and the workbook published in 2010.  Since we are trained marriage ministers, all our writings, teachings, videos, prayers come from a marriage covenant perspective.       

When we went to Israel, she was teaching at the 2=1 Leadership Training Weekend;  when Julie shared her testimony of overcoming her abortion experience and the healing it brought in our marriage, she was swarmed by the women at the marriage conference. wanting to know how.   At the same time not revealing because they were all leaders in Israel.  There wasn't time to work with them.  Julie received the vision to start this ministry of helping others get healed from abortion.   Our ministry started and is based on these 2 testimonies. 

Julie and Jeff are also licensed reverends and missionaries with the International Ministerial Fellowship (IMF).  They are Premarital, Marriage & Family Marriage Ministers through 2=1 Ministries (former Twin Cities Area leaders).     

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Philippines - Streams of Living Water Bible School

Grace & Jim Wick

Our mission is to help members of the churches of the southern regions of the Philippines, especially pastors and church workers, grow spiritually; to equip them thoroughly, and to engage them wholeheartedly in the work of the ministry (Ephesians 4:12), by providing a sound educational experience and practical ministry opportunity. This two-year school is specifically developed to train.

We are currently more of a mobile Bible School offering classes in hard to reach mountain areas of Mindanao as well as class in a traditional setting in our home. Our goal is to continue to build relationships with pastors and offer Biblical training in a variety of areas raising a new generation of leaders to go into obscure areas and penetrate the world with the love and knowledge of Jesus. We partner with the local church in grassroots efforts to reach the lost in meaningful ways such as through feeding programs. We would also like to place a minimum of one full-time Bible teacher in the public school system while the opportunity still exists in this nation. This requires financial support so the teacher has a livable wage.

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Minnesota - Restore Minnesota

Dale Witherington

Dale loves his role as the Chief Steward of Restore Minnesota, a ministry that exists to “restore righteousness in Minnesota through spiritual and civic transformation based on the gospel of Jesus Christ”. He serves as a pastor to the elected state officials, their families and staff members of the State of Minnesota. Dale leads regular Bible studies and provides spiritual counsel primarily to members of the Minnesota House and Senate. Dale also serves Senators and Representatives as their State Director of the Minnesota Prayer Caucus, an affiliate of the Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation, and he serves as the P50 pastor for Family Research Council to the State of Minnesota. He is a member of the state planning committee for the National Day of Prayer event held annually at Minnesota’s State Capitol in St. Paul.

Dale and Sue travel the state of Minnesota visiting with and speaking to pastors, churches, civic and specialty Christian organizations. They are currently developing The Institute for Biblical Citizenship with its corresponding Community Action Teams in accordance with Philippians 1:27, Philippians 3:20 and II Corinthians 5:20.

Dale is the author of the eBooks “America at a Crossroads”, “Dangerous Christianity” and “The Most Important Day of Your Life”.

Contact Dale directly at Dale@restoremn.org or 651.785.3647

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Michael & Mariko Yaney

Mike and Mariko Yaney serve in Japan, establishing relationships with Japanese people for the purpose of teaching basic, foundational biblical truths leading to a presentation of Jesus Christ’s Gospel.

For most Japanese people, perceived religious needs can be met through Shinto and Buddhist practices. There exists little, if any, perceived need to consider the teachings of the Bible. Connecting to the Christian church, if such a church even exists in a one’s community, may seem irrelevant, awkward or even scary for most Japanese people. Still, God continues to move and open the hearts of some.

Mike and Mariko connect with people who are open to Bible study primarily through Mike’s weekly English classes. Each English class is followed by a discovery/evangelistic Bible study lasting from 30 to 60 minutes or more.

Mike and Mariko seek to provide a safe place for Japanese people to come and ask questions and hear the claims of Christ. As the Sovereign God works and provides in the historically hard soil of Japan, they desire to partner with the Japanese church to see existing churches in their area thrive (new, growing believers added) and new churches planted (new believers with new pastors in new areas).

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