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General Members

General Members

IMF exists to help provide a spiritual covering for you and your ministry. IMF has various levels of ministry credentials to best fit your call to ministry, spiritual gifts, biblical and theological training, and ministry experience.

Alliance Churches

Alliance Churches

The IMF Alliance Church Initiative is a group of like-minded churches partnering together to provide encouragement and support to one another.

General and Alliance Church Information

General Membership

General Membership

Have you been wrestling with ways to make an impact for the Kingdom in your area? IMF exists to help provide a spiritual covering for you and your ministry. IMF has various levels of ministry credentials to best fit your call to ministry, spiritual gifts, biblical and theological training, and ministry experience. By joining IMF, you can obtain the legal right to perform all ministerial and priestly functions. For more information, please contact  imfmembership@imfserves.org or schedule a meeting with us.

IMF Alliance Church Initiative

IMF Alliance Church Initiative

Are you a senior pastor or member of your churches’ elder board looking for fellowship and support? The IMF Alliance Church Initiative is a group of like-minded churches partnering together to provide encouragement and support to one another. By joining the IMF Alliance Church Initiative, you are partnering with other churches to further the Kingdom Impact of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For more information, please schedule a meeting with us.

The IMF Alliance Church Initiative exists to connect local churches across denominational lines. IMF Alliance Churches partner together to provide a network of support and encouragement, share resources, ensure guidance in a time of transition, have access to conferences, webinars, fellowship gatherings, and much more—all while maintaining the sovereignty of the local church.

IMF offers Alliance Churches a spiritual covering. IMF Alliance Churches are connected theologically to a a fellowship of Bible believing fellowships grounded in the historic orthodoxy of the Christian faith and its practices and empowered by the contemporary work of the Holy Spirit.

IMF provides Alliance Churches with support for their pastor and the congregation. IMF serves as a pastor to the pastor. In times of leadership transition, IMF can assist congregations with interim help and the search process.

IMF offers Alliance Churches operational support. IMF Alliance Churches can participate in the IMF 403(b)(9) retirement program. IMF Alliance Churches can also receive operational help on aspects of church management from human resources and accounting/finance to board and leadership coaching.

IMF is a recognized Ecclesiastical Endorser and can help IMF Alliance Churches who desire to support members or ministers qualify for chaplaincy in military or civilian roles.

IMF is a mission sending agency and can aid in IMF Alliance Churches who are interested in raising up missionaries or connecting with established mission works both domestically and internationally.

Becoming an IMF Alliance Church provides opportunities and support for churches who desire to affiliate in a Biblical fellowship and yet maintain their individual church distinctives.

Here is a testimony from the Senior Pastor of one of our IMF Alliance Churches:

During one of our most difficult times our leadership team contacted the IMF office for some counsel and help. Without hesitation, a ministry team came alongside us and helped us through the storm. I want to encourage other IMF Pastors to consider having their churches become Alliance Churches. While we are independent in structure, we should be interdependent in our relationships. I would like to see this part of our Fellowship grow in order to offer more services to our congregations.

When our church joined with IMF, our leadership team agreed to sow generously into this ministry. After choosing to honor God by supporting IMF with one percent (1%) of our annual tithes and offerings, we have seen incredible financial breakthroughs!

Another aspect that has really impressed me about International Ministerial Fellowship is the quality and integrity of the people involved. When you add to this the skills of their leadership team and the resources available to the membership, I believe we are blessed to be a part of something truly incredible! We have in a very real way been blessed with an organization that exemplifies our Lord Jesus when Mark 10:45 says, “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve.” This kind of servant leadership is what I have witnessed with International Ministerial Fellowship.

Membership Rostering Requirements

*Non-Credentialed members hold general member status. They are included in our membership but are not authorized by IMF to perform sacerdotal services. They may participate in all issues referred to the general membership by the Board of Directors for vote and are welcome to participate in all activities sponsored by IMF. They qualify to receive all support services as offered to all members by the Fellowship.

An Associate Member (Non-Credentialed) of IMF is entitled to all the rights and privileges accorded to a General Member. Ordained or Licensed clergy who join IMF as Associate Members are accorded the same respect as an IMF member with their clerical standing. The Associate Member may be credentialed by their own denomination. We honor them, and the ministry God has established through their faithful service to Christ.

We have made many friends over the years working across denominational lines. In some instances, a membership in IMF has been transitional for several years while the member works toward full ordination in their own denomination. Other times circumstances prevent the candidate from pursuing ordination in their own denomination and we are able to serve their denominational church and the member in a special role for a longer period of time. We are thankful that we are able to serve in whatever situation best meets their needs. Often when they have accomplished personal goals that might require them to otherwise leave IMF, they choose to continue a relationship with us as an Associate Member because they know we love, honor and desire to cooperate in whatever way we can. IMF sees itself as a good “team player” in the Body of Christ.

Also, we often have Christian businessmen who want to be a part of what we are doing, but do not feel called as a clergy person and prefer to affiliate as an Associate Member. We welcome them. We need them and their business knowledge to help us chart the course for this ministry. It takes many—praying, giving and going—to accomplish the Great Commission.

Faith Promise

IMF is supported, almost exclusively, by its members. As such, we ask each of our members to support IMF on a monthly basis as a part of their monthly tithe. They do this by selecting a giving club as a part of their application process. The amounts below reflect a monthly gift.

Giving Clubs

Guardian Angel- $1000
Patron Saint- $500
King David's Guard of Valor- $100
Joseph's Storehouse of Grain- $50
The Gideon Club- $25
King Joash's Treasury Chest- $15
Centurion Guard (required for military and civilian chaplains)- 5% of monthly income
Aaron & Hur- 1% of monthly income
The Lord's Supply- Another amount that fits your situation best.

Ready to Join the Family?

Welcome to the Membership Application Process! We are so excited to serve you! Please begin by clicking the button below. Once you've paid your application fee, you will see the next portion of the application process. Please reach out to us at imfmembership@imfserves.org with any questions.

Applying for individual membership? Start the process by clicking the button below. You will select your desired rostering level (Ordained Minister, Licensed Minister, Special Ministry License, Commissioned Minister, Christian Worker, or Associate Member) later in the application process.

Applying to the IMF Alliance Church Initiative on behalf of your congregation? Please schedule a meeting with us.

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