IMF Membership Benefits

1.    A spiritual covering for you.

2.    Fellowship, mutual nurturing, and encouragement.

3.    The Gathering magazine published multiple times a year provides updates on IMF ministries and articles of interest to the membership.

4.    Regarding further theological training, we can offer guidance and suggestions regarding distance education including seminaries, Bible colleges, recommended Bible correspondence sources, and other Christian professional organizations.

5.    Recommendations regarding insurance options, medical and elective group insurance programs.

6.    Consultation for qualifying ministers who desire a Sheltered Account 403(b) and need a reliable program in lieu of or in addition to Social Security Retirement Program.

7.    Teleconsulting regarding ministry organizational structure, legal, accounting, tax exemption options, qualifications, and professional resources available from various sources.

8.    Ecclesiastical endorsement to qualifying candidates for military chaplaincy with Armed Services, Veteran’s Affairs, prison systems, hospitals, and hospices.

9.    Recommended development and fundraising programs for churches and Christian institutions.

10.   Mission Sending Agency: IMF is a Mission Sending Agency and provides guidance, counseling, training, and appropriate support services to its overseas missionaries.

11.   IMF provides opportunities to help sponsor IMF missionaries in other countries.

12.   403(b)(9) Alliance Church Retirement Program. Participation in the IMF 403(b)(9) Retirement Program (Denominational Plan) is offered to qualifying IMF Alliance Initiative Churches and para-church organizations.

13.   Consultation and networking on ministry-related issues and programs.

14.   The Agnes M. Masted Intercessory Prayer Group available to all members in response to requests for ministry and personal matters in need of urgent or continuing prayer.

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