Our Missionaries

IMF has many missionaries that are bringing the hope of the Gospel into the dark places of the world. These individuals find themselves in areas of the world where their work for Christ puts them at odds with local authorities. For that reason, we do not list names of these individuals or the countries in which they serve. If you would like to give to a specific missionary in this group, you will need to reference their mission account number when giving. If you do not know that number, or would like further information, please call us at 952-346-2464. 

Contributions are solicited with the understanding that IMF has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds. IMF Missions and Missionaries received disbursements and reimbursements from IMF according to IRS guidelines.

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IMF Hostile Area Missionary 1003
IMF Hostile Area Missionary 1043
IMF Hostile Area Missionary 1049
IMF Hostile Area Missionary 1071

IMF Hostile Area Missionary 1081

IMF Hostile Area Missionary 1092
IMF Hostile Area Missionary 1113
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Colin & Mary Akehurst: Minnesota
Becky Albright: USA
Bruce & Dorothy Allen: Japan
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Shirley Bland

Pamela & Michael Brands: Minnesota
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Gretchen Carlson: Uganda

360 Vision for Africa

Kevin & Kim Coe: Mexico

Ron & Molly Comer: The Father's Heart

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Lonnie & Cindy Dufty: Minnesota

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Max & Mariana Erickson: USA

Mike & Missy Evans: FosterOne Ministries USA

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Ben & Sarah Fischer: Minnesota

Jose & Kristy Flores: USA 

Lois Fowler: USA, Mexico

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David & Gan Griffith: Thailand

David & Gan Griffith:

The Mighty Oak Tree Foundation

Paul & Nancy Gunderson: Philippines

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Dan Hall


Jeff & Christine Herringshaw: Minnesota

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 Joe Immordino: New Jersey

nullMichiyo Ishida: Japan

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nullDavid Larson: Wisconsin

Randy & Jeannine Larson: Wisconsin

Paul Lindberg: Africa

Michael Lindner: Japan

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nullMark Marxhausen: US & Abroad

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Ian & Sara Newville: Minnesota

Joel & Renée Pike: Minnesota

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nullCurt & Judi Quiner: Minnesota

nullTodd Rainwater: USA 

Daryl & Cheryl Rustad: Tanzania

nullFrank Swastek: California

nullTheresa & Ken Taylor: Vermont

nullJeff & Julie Weber: Minnesota

nullGrace & Jim Wick: Philippines

Dale Witherington - Restore MN: Minnesota

nullMichael & Mariko Yaney: Japan

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